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The Abomination of Obama's Nation

X-Men/Spider-Man #1 January 11, 2009

X-men/Spider-man #1 and 2. – Issue 1 was fun enough. Takes place when Gwen is alive and dating Petey. Kraven gets out of jail and goes to hunt Spidey again. He says Spidey is a mutant and the X-men freak out and want to go give him a hand. Well they fight and we learn there’s other stuff going on. A-
Cue issue two where years and years have passed, Kraven just died and the mutant massacre is in full swing. Black suit Spidey meets up with the x-crew to pass along some news about what Kraven was doing and they go find a certain bad guy’s hide out.Well they find the marauders and have a fight with them in the Morlock tunnels. midway through the fight the Marauderse show them what’s beneath the tunnels. We end with said bad guy looking at Kraven’s grave looking all menacing.

Gotta say, the covers are great. I wish they covered the whole book instead of just the left two thirds though.


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