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Hyperbolic Rant Ahead: Digital TV January 9, 2009

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I heap harsh words upon the people that engineered the DTV transfer. First of all your message has been absolutely terrible, and your willingness to let cable and satellite companies and retailers lie and manipulate their customers into buying useless upgrades is despicable.
Good things out of the way first. You have been doing your part in putting out commercials to let people know it’s coming. You gave us coupons to make these supremely fancy boxes affordable.
Okay, that’s enough of that. Really, there should be giant signs that make sure people know a few of the basics.
1. YOU DO NOT NEED AN HDTV. I’m so upset that retailers have used this to their advantage to sell more expensive tvs to people that don’t need them. I don’t care if people want to buy an HDTV, but going to a store and being told they won’t be able to watch TV without getting an HDTV is disgusting.
2. If you have cable or satellite you absolutely do not need to for any reason do any sort of upgrading. None. Not one bit. No upgrades at all for you. No. not even that little package upgrade. Now, that said some cable companies are changing their packages up to give basic consumers less choices to try and force people into more expensive packages. As puke inspiring as that is, it doesn’t mean you have to upgrade. I don’t have cable anyway so I’m not that concerned.
Honestly, as I write this I find myself caring less and less. I am ticked off at how the digital signal is direction based, so I have to point my aluminum foil in certain directions to get anything going at all. That’s really a bother. you’d think they’d make it at least half as good as analogue. I also don’t like the all or nothing. I didn’t mind fuzzy picture with good audio. I don’t really get more channels now, and I don’t get them with as good of audio
Granted I’m still messing around with it, but man. The picture is clearer that I nromally get on the channels I get. Ugh. the channels that come in part way break up and sputter. Totally frustrating.
talk about a rant fizzing out.


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