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A thing for every thing January 27, 2009

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One of the first things I do when I get home after work is download a bunch o’ useless podcasts. I loaded up the Thundering Herd podcast from ESPN and was greeted to what I thought was a joke advertisement. Then I remembered that ESPN would not waste advertising space on a joke like that. ESPN BASSMASTER PODCAST is brought to you by http://www.takemefishing.org.

Oh, but it gets better. In case you didn’t know. Fishing social network. Yeah.

For everything, there is a thing. Social networks aren’t just for self obsessed teenagers and maladjusted megalomaniac tech geek prima donna twenty something losers. They’re for knitters, swimmers, pine cone collectors and fly fishers. Yup. just a taste of what the world is these days.


Five Minutes o TV: Titanic January 26, 2009

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It’s a shame this movie is three hours long and full of nothing happening. I understand the need to build up an attatchemtn to the characters, but you gotta know when enough is enough.
Regardless, between college hoops and hellboy I caught the last hour or so of Titanic. I forgot how sickly good a few of the scenes are. The band playing until the end, the mother telling her two children a bedtime story as the ship is making it’s final plunge, the officer shooting people trying to get on a lifeboat. All of these are fantastic scenes forgotten at the end of the longest movie in the history of movies.
Mad props to Cameron for making more money than ever thought possible on a movie this long, and for crafting some truly brilliant scenes. It’s sensational his ability to bring tears to someone’s eyes in five minutes. When something is done right it’s done right and you don’t need any expostion. Just the five most emotional minutes of a movie burried by hours of leo and kate dancing, drinking, shagging, and fighting rich people.
Most thanks to the NFL for having a week before the Superbowl with nothing on TV. God knows I’m not watching this trash if I can have nineteen hours of pregame coverage.


Business Tip #2: Catering to your market. January 25, 2009

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Expectations that go with it. You can make a product that’s not for everyone but don’t expect everyone to like it. When you make something for a select group of people know that only they’re going to be interested. Then know that not all of them are interested in it enough to give you money. Then know that only a few of them that care enough to part with their cabbage care enough to¬† give it to you.

Sorry tofu flavored soy. There just wasn’t enough market to sustain your dream.


of giant arms and broken necks

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I’m not an artist. I can’t draw to save my life. I’ve seen blind epileptic kids with more talent. Because of that I don’t really notice comic book art unless it particularly strikes me. This struck me. It’s like the artist referenced vincent D’onofrio for every character. I kind of feel bad for the Avengers here. There’s no way they’re going to be able to fight bad guys with their necks in that shape? Isn’t there a non-skrull cairopractor around? Insurance must be pretty high on these guys. And the poor chap with the metal arm needs some defnite help. I’m just guessing that the arm swivels on it’s own personal space axis. same with his fingers. Let’s not even note how the size of his arm changes from panel to panel. Is that his secret power?

Nevermind the fact that there’s actually a good story here with hank pym in the background. The terrible giant arm dude is clearly the focus here.


A lesson in humility

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We can all learn a thing or two from wishbone. Be they little life lessons like having a pubestache makes you an instant douche or big life lessons like fat kids just like to eat more than you. The most important thing is that that dog is a much better swordsman than you. It truly is a wonder how that dog was able to take key roles as some of the most important characters in the history of literature and the actors around him never bat an eye. It isn’t like they’re making a show based around a dog being a dog. That’s easy. These actors are doing period pieces where the star only comes up to their ankles and they’re suppose to treat him like a person. To all you youngsters out there that think you’re worth to shakes of a hamster leg check this out. When you allow yourself to be upstaged by a puppy and acknowledge that the best and most important figure in your tv show can’t speak you’ll become instantly, a much better actor.


Make this not suck

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So you guys can actually read this now. I’ve deleted EVERY SINGLE POST no short of three times. I can’t tell you how long this thing actually has been around in some form or another. It’s been quite a while. Anyway, I’ll give you the biggest no prize ever if you can make this not suck.


Justice Society of America #22 January 14, 2009

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The end of JSA 22 was wicked cool. As much as I ragged this Gog story for going on for seventy years I did enjoy it. I like that the final fight didn’t dragon on too much. But the best part of this issue to me was the ending. I saw the first ending stuff coming with some of the character reactions. I did not see what johns and ross were going to do with the last four or so pages. No dialogue but it wasn’t really needed.