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Year in Review Review December 18, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Micah Griffin @ 00:44

OH YEAH! End of the year and time to shuffle through list after list of best of lists. yeah, lists. Know what the best part of lists are? That the best of year really means best of the second half of the year. Do you remember what movies, comics, games, gadgets, and cars came out in January? No, you don’t. you had to look them up.
So say you look them up, are you going to have the same impressions of something that came out a year ago as something that came out this month. Just think about it. You listen to an album today and you may love it, but over time it wears on you and you find that your enjoyment wavers. Or better yet that album you hated in march has had time to sit and grow on you.
I’ve always thought these kinds of things should take place in June when everything has been given equal chance. But there’s no hype for things eighteen months removed so here we are at the end of the year eagerly awaiting to hear other people’s opinions on such.
oh well, they’re normally decent reads and good starting points.


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