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Your musics is not sweet December 31, 2008

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Remember that CD you looooved when you were younger and didn’t know anything about “good” music and “bad” music just what you liked and what you didn’t? Then you found out later from people who obviously knew better your one album was treacherously bad. You had nothing to do but agree. The lyrics are bad, the music is just kind of there, the vocals are kind of bland. You then stop listening to it and forget it all together. Then some years later a song from that album pokes into your head for no reason at all. Just pops there intruding your thoughts. It sits tugging at your mind forcing it’s little diddy deep into you. The light clicks on and you realize that these past few years you’ve totally neglected something that did nothing but provide you with immense pleasure.
No? Well me either until today. Utada Hikaru’s Exodus was totally my favourite CD to listen to in 2004. Then my elitist music friends told me how terrible it was and I couldn’t argue. As I said the lyrics are absolutely terrible and she’s only a good singer. ONLY good. She’s no valkrye and as such not worth listening to. I grew out of my elitist phase a while ago but Exodus was an unfortunate casualty of my brief phase. For some terrible reason “Kremlin Dusk” popped into my head and I couldn’t get it out. I immediately pull the CD out from whatever dust filled box I kept it in and listened to it as loud as I could handle. Mmmm. Beautiful. The lyrics really are terrible but I’m still in love with it. Cant’ say why either.
Maybe I needed the three years away to appreciate it again, but something says I just spent three years away from one of my greatest pleasures. Sure I don’t seriously listen to j-pop anymore just for growing out of it and and totally out of that weird manga anime culture but some things never leave you.


Year in Review Review December 18, 2008

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OH YEAH! End of the year and time to shuffle through list after list of best of lists. yeah, lists. Know what the best part of lists are? That the best of year really means best of the second half of the year. Do you remember what movies, comics, games, gadgets, and cars came out in January? No, you don’t. you had to look them up.
So say you look them up, are you going to have the same impressions of something that came out a year ago as something that came out this month. Just think about it. You listen to an album today and you may love it, but over time it wears on you and you find that your enjoyment wavers. Or better yet that album you hated in march has had time to sit and grow on you.
I’ve always thought these kinds of things should take place in June when everything has been given equal chance. But there’s no hype for things eighteen months removed so here we are at the end of the year eagerly awaiting to hear other people’s opinions on such.
oh well, they’re normally decent reads and good starting points.


Library Pickup 12/16/2008 December 17, 2008

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Diana Prince – Wonder Woman
Essential Incredible Hulk
Plastic Man Rubber Bandits
Jill Churchill – The House of Seven Mabels
P.C. Doherty – The Anubis Slayings


Clone Wars Episode 9 December 7, 2008

It’s very rare for a tv show to start off on all cylinders. Even more rare for one whom’s first public spotlight was a movie that was, generally perceived as slightly topping mediocre. Were I remotely smart I would’ve taken all of that into account to temper my disappointment with the first couple of episodes in the series.
Learning from that mistake I’ll hold off my excitement until I see more. In a bubble this episode is some of the best star wars action I’ve seen since the first clone wars series from Genndy Tartakovsky. This is the first episode where I got a real sense of consequence for any of the characters and that may have something to do with shifting the spotlight slightly off our main heroes. We get a heavy dose of luminara this episode as well as some senate commandos.
I honestly can only think of a few things more worthy of a half an hour of your time. And currently going outside of the brave and the bold there isn’t anything on tv that provides close to as good a value for your time.