Hypocritical Hyperbole

The Abomination of Obama's Nation

The Man who loved breasts November 12, 2008

Never in my life have I found myself going from true enjoyment to pure boredome in reading the same panel of a book. Book starts off about a desk jockey who hates his job and wants to do other stuff so he makes custom bras. A few decent boob jokes but it’s really just bland. It’s bad generic and goes nowhere. It’s one of those true life fantasies that falls flat. Whatever. From there it goes to a story about a guy who wants to wank off at a fertlity clinic and the big joke falls well short. It gives itself away too soon and there’s negative amounts of payoff. maybe that’s the joke. finally the least funny story about a comic book writer saying how dumb he is to king arthur. Maybe it’s some social commentary about how dumb we are or just how dumb he is, but it’s not funny and serves no point. Glad my neighbor paid for this drivel instead of me.

Possibly again I’m just not indie enough.


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