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Crappy Car Post #1: America isn’t soo so bad. November 21, 2008

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Lowering the price of cars is not so easy. They could cut out a million or so in salary to people and what you’d get is a two dollar price difference on the car. I don’t think you guys understand how truly costly it is to build a car. That’s why horrible badge engineering is so popular. It takes a lot to design a car and have it meet specifications. It’s why we don’t see some of the cars in europe that we see here. The chevy cruze is just a slightly nicer cobolt which is a slightly nicer cavalier. The few changes they made to it cost them at least half a billion. So just stopping the production of one car and upping another isn’t always so easy. Especially when you’re using these busted old plants that are only made for one type of thing.

The entire car market is bad. The Americans may be the worst off but no one is doing great right now. A lot of the things that hurt the American industry exist in the other markets too. We just give them a break for being foreign. BMWs are worse vehicles than most American cars as far as mechanical upkeep. Most of the german cars are, but we don’t care. VW is ‘cool’ so no one rags on them and they own Audi so of course they’re cool. BMWs are cool to drive so no worry about being in the shop every three months. Britain doesn’t have a car market anymore. France only barely has one cause the government shoves Peugeots down their people’s throats with the tax benefits you get.
The truth is, American cars aren’t so bad. A lot of their problems are self inflicted, but they’re not the only ones who have them. They just get the most hate cause we like foreign things more.

Give someone a fusion and give someone a camry and they’ll fall for the camry, but I’ve been inboth. The fusion is a nicer car. Not to hate on the camry, but the fusion is disgustingly underrated as a vehicle. I’m willing to bet it’ll last just as long these days as well. I think that people get inside it and think ‘ford. bad’ and that’s it.

Just talking about reliability, my cutlass may survive a nuclear winter and that brand isn’t even around anymore. There are a billion of these guys around Charlotte still kickin. most older and with more miles. The 3800 line of cars GM put out won’t die either. Look at how many late eighties early nineties era Taurus and Escorts you see still clinging to life. It’s not like our cars just hit 112,000 miles and explode. They may not go to 400,000 but you can easily get 300k out of them with some love and care.

I thinkt he American auto industry should run straight to bankruptcy cour and left for dead. At least that way one of them would rise up and be something useful again. Bailing them out just hastens their death. Let them die and rebuild if they can. It’ll suck in the interim but be better for everyone than bailing these jokes out.


comic books are dumb. really dumb.

The only monthlies I get anymore are the 2.25 dc books. I really can’t afford any more than that.

Digital needs to have been here years ago. Not as a replacement, but as a partner. They need to have had archives of the stuff. The Pirates are doing it. They have a great system for reading them on pcs. It also works on a lot of portable devices these days. You can get the san fran/ new york people all over it with a poopy iphone app. At least for the archives and archival purposes. There’s a reason the industry is where it’s at right now. It caters to the hardcore and finds new ways to push people out of the bread and butter monthly sales.

You put some of your stuff out there to download for fifty cents or a dollar and give people the ability to take it with them and they’ll do it. Not as many people are in love with the ability to flip pages and fill their house/apartment with six hundred long boxes of comics as we think. Getting more insular is no way to grow your business.

Look at it in the video game way. Microsoft and Sony are doing just fine. They’re selling stuff well and are starting to turn a profit. They’re okay. they’re going after the same market and are just marginally growing. Nintendo said fuck it and went after people that don’t play games and found out there’s more of them than there were of us folks that lived gaming.

Strike while the iron is hot. The mainstream is loving comic book properties and ideas. Shove it down their throat as cheaply as you possibly can. Take a loss if you have to to grow your business.

No, instead we’re going to increase the price on books and cut even more people out of it.

yes I know marvel has some online stuff but it isn’t enough. They had started this some five or ten years ago. They should’ve expaned exponentially by now, instead they’ve regressed. Even if they wanted to keep it online and keep the same pricing they have now they should have blown it out and made sure everyone who even thinks about reading comics knew about it.

Oh, the other thing is it’s very hard for new people to get in on the ground floor with comic books because you can’t get old ones for super cheap at stores. You may go to a convention or ebay and get cheap ones, but unless you buy essentials and showcases (which aren’t in color and that’s a stupid huge turnoff for a lot of people) you can’t get old runs of books. There are also hundreds of stories that aren’t in trades and can’t be found and if you find them they’re ten dollars an issue. Who the hell wants to pay that for a stupid comic book.

You mean to tell me people wouldn’t buy a six issue run of an old cancelled series for five bucks online? There wouldn’t be a publishing cost anymore. Just scan it and put it up for people to download. Ugh it’s so simple. Buy a server for two hundred bucks and go.

I hate the stupid effing comic industry and hope it dies the way it’s going now. what a stupid industry. really. the more I think about it the dumber I think it is.


The Man who loved breasts November 12, 2008

Never in my life have I found myself going from true enjoyment to pure boredome in reading the same panel of a book. Book starts off about a desk jockey who hates his job and wants to do other stuff so he makes custom bras. A few decent boob jokes but it’s really just bland. It’s bad generic and goes nowhere. It’s one of those true life fantasies that falls flat. Whatever. From there it goes to a story about a guy who wants to wank off at a fertlity clinic and the big joke falls well short. It gives itself away too soon and there’s negative amounts of payoff. maybe that’s the joke. finally the least funny story about a comic book writer saying how dumb he is to king arthur. Maybe it’s some social commentary about how dumb we are or just how dumb he is, but it’s not funny and serves no point. Glad my neighbor paid for this drivel instead of me.

Possibly again I’m just not indie enough.


Secret Six 2: 16 page fight November 9, 2008

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That’s right, Batman and Catman fight about nothing for sixteen pages or so. The rest of the secret six break someone out of prison as per their job and fight some really big dude no one knows. More important is that Black Manta has a freakin rental service. Who knew? I guess fighting people who ride sea horses doesn’t pay well. Might as well rent out the manta ray.


Secret Six #1

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There’s a guy in the box who’s kind of scary and then there’s a bunch of bad guys who are weird. And then they take a job. And one of the bad guys thinks he may be a good guy at heart, but fortunately his friendly bad guy let’s him know he’s not a good guy and everything is okay. Until next issue.