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Ultraman: Beyond 44D. September 24, 2008

You’ve probably read enough reviews on this 3D spectacle to know it inside and out. So let’s talk about the real issue here. Ultraman’s legs. There’s no way those things can support him. He has like fivetrillion pounds of muscle in his chest and wee itty legs. It was like the artist was channeling the XTREME 90s. Dude’s crazy. What’s with his eyes? Obviously somewhere between trinity and this he’s flipped his lid. Roy Harper kicked his habbit forever ago, and it seems are buddy Ultraman has picked it up. He’s totally zombied out in this piece. I know he’s evil cause of his teeth too. They’re always clinched. Even when talking and wide open they’re clinched. It’s super amazing. That’s what his true power is.  You see how nazi superman acted and we all know what happened to him. He was kind of a cool guy, should’ve perfected zombie smile and did more to excercise his neck muscles.

I don’t think Superman and Captain Marvel stand a chance against that grin. Here’s to issue two and hopefully more of his awesomeness.

Smile to end all worls.
Smile to end all worls.