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Fitty what? August 12, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Micah Griffin @ 01:11

My xbox live subscription runs out in September. That sucks. Can’t play games online any more. I thought about renewing it again, but then I started to think about how much I actually play online and how many games that $50 could buy me over the course of a year. I think it’s a real shame they force you to pay to play games online, for me it’s forcing me into picking up games on another system I ordinarly wouldn’t have. I’ll probaly get a PS3 this christmas or early next year and buy games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for PS3 instead of xbox. I know I’m only one person and not many people think like me, but you want to keep every customer you can.

The problem I have is that I just don’t understand what I’m paying for. I’m an uninformed consumer. To me the PS3 lets you play online and it works pretty seemlessly for free. I can download games and content for games from their service. It seems to me they have every thing xbox has and for $50 cheaper a year. I plan to own my systems for a long time. If I have a PS3 for five years I’ll save $250 on online gaming alone. What’s the point? I can play online on the wii for free. Yeah the service isn’t great, but I can do it.

It’s sad cause I really like my xbox, but the live thing is having a much stronger effect than I ever thought it would. I hope in microsoft’s next generation of consoles they let live go for free.


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