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Do What? August 10, 2008

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I went to my local Comic shop recently to check out whatever was left on my list. I don’t go every week anymore just for gas reasons I normally head down once a month. I hadn’t been down in a few months just for lack of my trying unfortunately. I was expecting a Fifty dollar bill at least, and when I got there it was twnety bucks. I realized that over the past year I have been cutting back on books to the point where I’m subscribed to one ongoing book, Amazing Spider-Girl. A year ago I couldn’t imagine not reading two batman books two superman books, three x-men books, two spider-man books, two avengers books, etc. it turns out that I am enjoying books a lot more now than I had prior. I just had too many on my plate trying to keep up with all the different story lines month to month. Now I pick up a trade of the books I like and get all the story for a cheaper price and love it.

This post has no point other than to say sometimes you can find yourslef enjoying things differently. If you have to give up something you love for financial reasons it doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to enjoy it again. Maybe you can find it in a different form or in a different way.


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