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Rap Music Conundrum August 29, 2008

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I know it’s been said but how much creativity do you hear in mainstream music anyway. I think with Rap music if it isn’t “smart” then people are inclined to hate on it. And “smart” rap music isn’t always palatable for everyone. It’s remarkable that the genre is as popular as it is because it’s inherently cultural, and it varies wildly from different parts of the country. There are some bands out there that are fun to listen to but are in no way deep and don’t have great lyrics but we listen to them because they are fun and no one thinks twice about it. With rap music if you listen to something that’s just for fun it’s hated and no one sees a reason for it.
There’s a reason Kanye is around. He’s amazing. He’s done more for mainstream rap music than anyone has in I don’t know how long. He’s stepped the game up so far. There’s a reason Lil Wayne is around. He’s not talented as a rapper and he’s ugly as sin itself, but he has interesting enough word play and there’s no denying his stuff sounds great riding down the highway. Jeezy is the best mediocre rapper we’ve ever seen. He does his thing and he does it well.
Keith Urban isn’t some prolific lyricists and I saw him in concert. He’s just good. but that’s okay. He’s allowed to just be good. My Chemical Romance, Fall out Boy, Panic at the Disco. They’re not so hot, but they’re allowed to exist. People hear it and it’s catchy and they listen to it without hate. Maybe those aren’t good examples because a lot of people don’t like them. But I don’t think there’s the repugnance that they even exist, and I think it’s because people think they’re more talented than rappers.

People understand the difference between the deftones, rage, tool,
korn, and faith no more. They don’t see that Kanye, Jay-Z, T.I., Nas,
Outkast, and The Roots are all different. They just see them as rappers
or rap groups. And rappers can’t possibly be as talented as people in
bands because bands play music and rappers just talk. A lot of people
have tried to play drums or pick up a guitar and it’s hard to them so
people that can do it are way talented. everyone can talk. No one
dabbles in creating samples, laying out beats, creating a nice hook, or
rapping at all. There’s a general lack of respect for the art form and
it’s acceptable to say how untalented these people are. People have
more respect for creed than Nas and that just doesn’t make sense.

Wow, I really didn’t mean for that to be as long as it was. I’m just passionate about it. I love all kinds of music. I will give anything a try. I haven’t been listening to rap music that long. I actually grew up on oldies. Then I started listening to ‘nu metal’ cause that’s what my friends listened to. And I got into blues, country, bluegrass, jazz, techno, alt. rock, and prog rock stuff well before rap music. I just fell in love with rap music and the creative freedom it allows. It’s a shame it’s not more accepted. There are things that can be done, but it’s going to take a lot of time and a lot less record label for any progress to be made.


Ad on my face August 26, 2008

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I find it odd that people are so offended by advertising. The very thought of having ads in people’s games, magazines, comic books, internet browsing or anything just draws their ire. I know it’s intrusive, and apparently takes you out of whatever illusion you’re in, but it’s not so bad. Hear me out on this one.

Everyone is a walking advertisement firm, and I think we’ll be a happier people if we just accept that. Ever have someone ask you what you use for your hair, what cologne you’re wearing, soap you use? If you tell them you’ve advertised. If someone comes to your house and sees your tv, your bed, your computer, anything you own you’ve advertised to them. I live in an apartment complex and purely by living there I’m advertising.

This sort of thing has been happening since the beginning of time. It’s how people knew what foods to eat and which watering holes were safe. If someone was mauled by a lion but ate a gazelle word spread that gazelles are to eat. The only difference was that no one was monotizing it, but it was still advertising. It’s a natural part of our evolutionary process.

Now there is a difference between natural advertising we do everyday and paid advertising that comes with our content, but it’s subtle. Someone is paying to show us something as opposed to us finding it on our own. But it isn’t all bad. If all paid advertising dropped off the planet you simply wouldn’t know what to do with yourself. It plays a bigger part in your life than you think. Say you’re marginally looking for a new car. You may have some things in mind, but a well time well aimed commercial could push you in the right direction. That car dealer offering insane financing on the model you want would never be able to reach out to you. You might not even know about every car available to you. You’d over pay at restaurants all the time because you wouldn’t know when sales were going on. Hell, you’d never see a coupon again.

Yes I’m being a bit extreme on this issue, but who isn’t on the internet? All I’m trying to get across inmy poor manner is that you really shouldn’t be bothered by advertising. It’s a part of your life you can’t get away from. Just learn to embrace it and give feedback. Instead of running away from it tell the advertisers what really works. They work in focus groups, but if the masses told them how they wanted things to be advertised you’d see a change.


Fitty what? August 12, 2008

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My xbox live subscription runs out in September. That sucks. Can’t play games online any more. I thought about renewing it again, but then I started to think about how much I actually play online and how many games that $50 could buy me over the course of a year. I think it’s a real shame they force you to pay to play games online, for me it’s forcing me into picking up games on another system I ordinarly wouldn’t have. I’ll probaly get a PS3 this christmas or early next year and buy games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for PS3 instead of xbox. I know I’m only one person and not many people think like me, but you want to keep every customer you can.

The problem I have is that I just don’t understand what I’m paying for. I’m an uninformed consumer. To me the PS3 lets you play online and it works pretty seemlessly for free. I can download games and content for games from their service. It seems to me they have every thing xbox has and for $50 cheaper a year. I plan to own my systems for a long time. If I have a PS3 for five years I’ll save $250 on online gaming alone. What’s the point? I can play online on the wii for free. Yeah the service isn’t great, but I can do it.

It’s sad cause I really like my xbox, but the live thing is having a much stronger effect than I ever thought it would. I hope in microsoft’s next generation of consoles they let live go for free.


First Impression August 10, 2008

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Entertainment needs two reviews. I think most products could benefit greatly for it. I know this isn’t some revolutionary idea. Just was thinking about it now and thought it a great idea to write it down. When I watch movies, read books, play games or take in media of any kind I tend to react emotionally to them and come up with a quick opinion. I’ve written reviews before and will write them again fairly soon. When I write them I normally ignore the first feeling and write the review after I’ve had time to think about it. I think I want to start writing two reviews for most project.

For instance, I love the transformers movie that came out last year. It was a lot of fun watching it in theaters. The second it ended I thought it was a 10/10. Perfect thrill ride movie. I just sat down and let it wash over me. For those two hours it was just awesome. Now afterwards the movie isn’t as good. It has lots of weird scenes that probably don’t need to be there, the acting isn’t all that strong, the fight scenese are a little hectic and so forth. Yeah, not perfect.

In the long run you should probably go with the more thought out impression of the movie, but something has got to be said for that first experiance you have with a product. If you listen to a cd once and hate it don’t ignore that. Say something about it, and then later on write another review saying you like it. It’s not going to make you loose any credibility. It just means you’re a human with rapidly changing tastes. Nothing wrong with that.


Do What?

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I went to my local Comic shop recently to check out whatever was left on my list. I don’t go every week anymore just for gas reasons I normally head down once a month. I hadn’t been down in a few months just for lack of my trying unfortunately. I was expecting a Fifty dollar bill at least, and when I got there it was twnety bucks. I realized that over the past year I have been cutting back on books to the point where I’m subscribed to one ongoing book, Amazing Spider-Girl. A year ago I couldn’t imagine not reading two batman books two superman books, three x-men books, two spider-man books, two avengers books, etc. it turns out that I am enjoying books a lot more now than I had prior. I just had too many on my plate trying to keep up with all the different story lines month to month. Now I pick up a trade of the books I like and get all the story for a cheaper price and love it.

This post has no point other than to say sometimes you can find yourslef enjoying things differently. If you have to give up something you love for financial reasons it doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to enjoy it again. Maybe you can find it in a different form or in a different way.


Deliciously Delectable Downloads August 9, 2008

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The gaming community really wants digital downloads to come and come fast for every so they an eliminate the big box store. and there are numerous reasons and most gamers are all gung ho about this, but hold on. Let’s think this through. Gamers are like any niche group of people and are a mostly insular bunch. They think of things that would be great for them but sometimes don’t realize there’s an outside world.

Not everyone has broadband. Simply put, if you cut out retail you absolutely lose anyone that can’t download. There’s a serious ‘last mile’ problem in the states that makes it hard for some people to get cable internet, or get it at a good speed. DSL is not close to cable internet anymore in terms of speed for most people. On top of that there are people who don’t download things and aren’t comfortable with it.  There’s also people who like physical ownership.

Right now we’re in this weird battleground on the internet when it comes to digital ownership. DRM makes it so that people buy things and don’t own them. There’s a fear among some people that they may buy a game and in a few years not be able to play it. If you buy a game right now from a store there’s no question as to who owns it. Five or six years from now you’ll still be able to play that game. If you download a game on xbl are we sure that when the next system comes out we’ll be able to play it on that system? or at all if they change the service over? Same with virtual console and PSN.

Another part of the ownership issue is that it officially kills the ability to share games. No more borrowing games from friends, no more picking up used games for over half off, no more inheriting games from siblings and no more taking games to a friends house.

Last thing I can think of is tiered internet. If this goes down in the states then that’s the end of the digital download only dream. If you have a 5GB a month cap on your internet useage and the only way you can get Gears of war 4 is to download it then you may not pick up gears. In fact, you may not buy much of any games. They’re already clocking in over 9gigs now so there’s no telling what they’ll be like in a few years. The number of downloads is going to be inhibited deeply by the pricing structure of the Internet Service Providers like Comcast or Time Warner.

All that said if any or all of those things are fixed then this will be a done deal. It makes too much sense for publishers and developers to cut out the middle man for their own profits for them to not push this forward. I just hope that if everyone in the community pushes it forward it doesn’t cut out all the fringe customers who just casually enjoy the medium, which would be the only thing I could think of to send the industry into a downward spiral.